Hibiscus Wellness Memberships:


Spa Hibiscus advocates complete wellness. Hence we have Hibiscus Gym, Salon and Spa memberships, which incorporate all aspects of wellness ie, fitness, relaxation and beauty. These memberships offer the maximum benefits and discounts as we want to make complete wellness more attractive.


Spa & Salon Memberships


Spa Hibiscus is for everyone. While designing memberships we have ensured that we do not leave any member of the family. Our memberships and special packages range from a “Ladies Makeover”, to “Gentlemen Special” packages. We also have some very interesting rituals/packages for the little stars in our “Kids Specials” range, which obviously include the little “Ego massage!”


Some of the memberships are mentioned below; please contact us for details:

  • Hibiscus Membership
  • Roselle Membership
  • Ladies Special Packages
  • Gentlemen Special Packages
  • Family Special Packages


Gym Memberships 



For exercise to be effective it needs to be a lifestyle choice, not a flash in the pan. That's why we offer 12-month memberships (Yearly) as standard. We also recognise that circumstances don't always allow for such a commitment, so we also offer Half Yearly  and Quarterly options.


Individual  Memberships are available for  Gym usage, with a variety of options including Steam, Sauna usage and customizing  it with Spa Packages.


Monthly/Yearly memberships are available for Swimming pool usage at select centres.


Monthly / Yearly memberships are also available for  Fitness Classes ( Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga) at select centres.



Almost everybody feels happier after exercising. Looking after your team is the first step to a healthy company. Creating a healthier lifestyle for your staff can lead to increased motivation, productivity and ultimately a more profitable workforce. 


Your company can aim to benefit from :

•Improved productivity

•Improved staff retention

•Less sick days

•A happier workforce


Spa Hibiscus offers a number of corporate membership options to allow you to choose the one that is right for your company 


Full Company Payments

The company can contribute towards employee's health and fitness. The company can enrol for a annual or half yearly memberships for a group of its employees and avail special discounts on full payments.


Part company, Part Employee Payment

This option is aimed at those company's who would like to contribute some monies towards their employees fitness membership. The remainder of the membership is paid by the employee via Direct Debit.