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This is a special package designed for the purification of Body. It is a complete wellness journey to balancing of ‘Tridhosha’ and purification of body from the toxins and impurities.

Guest will be welcomed with a welcome drink and will escorted to the Room. The programme will be starting with a consultation with the Doctor, Treatments shall be decided by the Doctor. This course of treatments will be including the Panchakarma treatment (Vamanam / Virechanam / Vasti / Nasyam / Rakta moksham) along with its Pre & Post Treatments and that shall be including Abyangam, Udwarthanam, Kizhi, Shirodhara, Pizhichil, Njawara kizhi, etc. Specially customised wellness diet is the main attraction to this course. A gift hamper of HIBISCUS Products at the time of sent off.


This Package Includes

Pancha Karma Treatment  

Pre & Post Treatments toPanchakarma   

14 Day Wellness Meal x 3 time    

Gift Hamper      

14 Night Room Stay    

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